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Thursday, 15 September 2011

PC requirements - Remember to check in!

With barely two months away from the release of Skyrim, the long sought PC requirements will most definitely soon be released. Around two weeks ago, Pete Hines was asked about when we would be informed of them and to this he partially answered: "I don't know. A month?"

The specs for Rage were released about a month prior to release, I believe, therefor I am now reminding you: Check in! As soon as the PC specs are up, I'll post them on this site, and if you are not to keen on IT, I'll gladly answer questions for you if you are a confused turtle.

So personally I am guessing in 2-3 weeks, maybe earlier, maybe later, but that is my guess. Be on the lookout.

1 comment:

  1. I really do wonder about this.
    I think it'll fry my current computer at full graphics, which I want to play this game in!
    There is even a chance that I won't be playing this game untill next year!!!
    I need to save up... And that is another thing that is kind of hard with bills, loan and ensurance! >.<
    Good god...
    Maybe I should consider a job as a drugdealer!? :D

    hmmm... easy and quick money. Alot of coustomers in larger cities... it's taxfree.
    Yeah! Sounds great! Anyone hiring!?

    - Mike