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Monday, 12 September 2011

2 months left

With only 2 months left before the release of Skyrim, my mind begins to wander the magical, never-ending plains of imagination: WTF should I do with this website afterwards?!

As you might know, I created this site back in the beginning of June, because I figured I'd do something for my fellow Skyrim fans, mostly because a lot of them didn't have the willpower to use google when they wanted to find the latest news - not that it is always easy, mind you; Most of the time I look for the same news several places to confirm, contact Dutch people with gaming magazines that may have had news or interviews with our favorite deity: Todd Howard and I'm also to known to not having a problem with listening to podcasts, watching videos and learn lore to make it all seem more interesting.

All this was interesting and fun, although sometimes it was tedious. Alas, it was nothing compared to what I totally hate spending my time doing: Advertising; Letting people know that there here is a database and that I will fill it with all they want to know, be that shattering your dreams by telling you that there are no polearms and that you can't ride dragons, or by informing you what Todd Howard ate for breakfast (Roasted squirrel.)
It's beginning to sort itself out, so I don't care enough to go around throwing my site out everywhere, especially since I get linked to mostly by some strange Spanish site, I've never even been to - It's overwhelmingly strange. I am digressing!

on 11.11.11 Skyrim will be out and our lives will be complete, or at least we will think so until The Elder Scrolls VI which will probably fill us with so much ecstatic joy that we will die a blissful death. Right now, a pre-concern of mine is simply, and you might have guessed this, what the hell I should do with this website, once the game is out.

It won't hurt to have it standing around and I briefly thought of making it a kind of "Skyrim Wikipedia," but not more than 3 seconds passed until I realized what an utterly retarded idea that was, since we have uesp, which is also known as "The Bible."

I was also thinking of making a Skyrim Journal, detailing my first experiences in Skyrim, written with an element of rolepay and a twist of humor - I saw it done once, with Oblivion, and it was more glorious than watching a rainbow or eating Kinder chocolate for that matter. I remember a that he wrote about wanting to kill a woman due to her horse prices, which were way too high, and of course also the brutal deaths at the hands of a wild swine, which naturally harbors evil intentions, 'cause all pigs do.

But we all recognize the evolution of swine as the doom of mankind, so I don't really need to get into that. Another thing I was thinking of instead of writing about Skyrim, was making a "Let's play Skyrim" video series, but I don't know how much fire there is under that pot.

If you have any ideas, let me know and I will try not to totally ignore everything you do or say.

- [Join the facebook page "Skyrim Coverage" or feel the inglorious wrath of the pigs!]

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