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Monday, 12 September 2011

What can't we do?

The Elder Scrolls is all about immersion. We all need to feel like we are in Tamriel and we can do whatever we want, with no boundaries or limits (synonyms are good fillers BTW.)  Players always subconsciously pick up on this at some point and then they develop needs and demands, which is totally not a bad thing, but it can sometimes be hard to meet all of the expectations, which has led Bethesda to leave out a few things which a concentrated group of fans really wanted.

This post is not news, as much as a list of stuff that Skyrim won't allow us to do (without mods, which will eventually come to consoles) and this list will be updates, should I recall the many things I have obviously left out. Apart from the things we will miss, I will also quell a few of the rumors that are 100% NOT TRUE!

So essentially, all the following statements are --> untrue: <--

  • You can ride a dragon
  • You can only play as a Nord
  • There are spears
  • There are short, medium and long swords instead of one- and two-handed
  • There is mounted combat
  • You can levitate
  • There are crossbows
  • There are throwing weapons (Shurikens, knives etc.)

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