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Sunday, 17 July 2011

So it is actually possible to earn money without risking my life?

... Yes it is!

Granted that I haven't really pondered much over this before, I must say that most of these games have a very special way to be totally messed up. What did I do if I wanted big cash in Oblivion? Dungeon raiding! It is probably still the best way to make money, sure, but in Skyrim you will actually have the option to have a normal job! That's right! You don't need to risk your life and good health in order to gain some gold.

Not that I am complaining over the old system, mind you - I find it a decent trade-off for being able to survive without drinking and eating. Still, I welcome this new possibility with open arms and a neat doormat.

As I've previously mentioned, every NPC in the city will have a job. Evidently the citizens of Skyrim don't find it nearly as productive to prance around on the street all day as those in Cyrodiil do. Of course, you can sabotage their jobs completely. Mess up the wood chipper-thingy, or set fire to the crops - It really don't matter. The other nice aspect to see these "jobs" from is not that which sees them as a possibility to create chaos, misery and anarchy (which I know you will,) but the one where you say "Huh... Maybe I could be such a citizen too :/ "  - And you can!

Every job that you see a citizen do, is a job that YOU can do AND get paid for - It's like having sex, whilst having sex. That is, if you're into that kinda thing. Sticky.

So, enjoy the possibility of a normal job where all you risk is losing a finger (I kid of course, you won't lose a finger. More likely a Dragon will show up and scare the living S**t out of you.)

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  1. I just hang out with my spouse... He opened his "store" and gives me 100g a day. Just go home and sleep for 10 days = 1000g in less than 5 minutes.