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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Meat makes the man

All men prefer a great big, bloody steak - Even those whom are allergic! Meat is the pinnacle of happiness, so don't you dare serve me vegetables! Mom!

Back when I played Gothic 3, there was an aspect that I found to be very RP engaging and that was the fact that you actually had to cook the meat in your possession, before it was edible. Or I guess it was edible, it just made you sick and restored like +1 health.

Once we sweep the beasts and animals of Skyrim off their feet (not in a romantic way, but in a stab --> push way,) we may want to cut off the lumps of their carcass known as meat, in order to eat --> Gain health. But hey, oh, hey, what, hey, yes, no, yeah - We have to cook it! It is raw! I simply LOVE that.

We all know cooking will be a job available to us in various cities, should we yearn to be old-school housewives, so I guess it isn't really a surprise. Yet, it is an enjoyable fact, so there!

So here comes my question. Something I have been pondering over. Since we have to cook our aquired meat now, does that mean that we can make campfires? If so: Excitement!

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  1. I think you will have to go to the cities or at certain campsites with a cooking pot or whatever to cook...
    I heard Todd said something about this in an interveiw, but I don't think i said that there won't be possible to make campfires.
    So we can still keep our hopes up! :)

    - Mike

  2. There may be a few details left out of these posts, since they're old - I'll make new ones at some point, so stay tuned.

  3. I will! ;)
    I'm not done reading all this yet! And I might read some posts over more than once.
    Love the way they are written, it makes them easy for anyone to read and it is really good stuff, even though much of it is old info!
    Any info is good info when it comes to Skyrim anyway! :)
    And much of the info is info that I didn't think of before too. So I still learn much that I didn't know. And you also raise some good questions in certain posts, that can make the reader reflect more on what he/she have read and might do some reserach on their own.
    I just wished there were more disscussion on here, because I think you deserve - at least - that much! ;)
    Let's keep our hopes up, yeah?

    - Mike