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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Pause - Unpause

I would just take a moment to mention how great I think it is that the whole world no longer revolve around us. Not that I don't like the attention, but in Oblivion it ended up being a little too much.

In Skyrim we will have the pleasure of being able to talk to people without time stopping. When you want to talk to a person you just walk right up to them and press the required button and then start chatting - a menu of things you can ask pops up and if you're tired of having them talking to you, you can just walk away (rude)

As far as I've gathered, reading books (which has a page-turning animation BTW) doesn't stop time either and maybe not even popping through your inventory, although I am not sure about that. I definitely know that time stops as you go through your favorites doing combat, which makes sense. Of course there is always the [esc] menu.

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