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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Dunmer Screenshot

Eagerly we await the coming of Skyrim, as its release date slowly approaches. We all have habits to pass the time! Some of us play Minecraft, some of us keeps knocking ourselves out with chloroform and some of us eagerly scout the internet for yet more details on this magnificent game-to-come.

As you might have guessed, all these examples our drawn right out of my personal life, but if you feel like you can relate, then all the better. I am guessing that you have already seen the big picture posted below of a male Dunmer (Dark Elf) - A screenshot from Skyrim.

He appears to be some sort of Rogue or Assassin (he's a thief.) Maybe he is part of The Dark Brotherhood? No matter what, we can clearly conclude that the Dunmers have gotten themselves a makeover, and a pretty one at that - Their faces are no longer flat, like in Oblivion; And look at the detail! The knives, the ears, the teeth, the beard and even the moon in the background is crazy pretty!

(Click for an even bigger resolution)

This picture was released earlier today on Bethesdas Blog, after the conclusion of a poll, asking people which race they'd like to see the most - the result was a Dunmer thief, as you can see.

The runner up was Argonian and Bethesda promised that we would soon see one of those as well.

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