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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Even more screenshots - Khajit, Nord

So I am casullay minding my own business and I come across three new screen shots on Bethesdas blog - I went to their online album and downloaded these suckers, so here they are for you.

First up, we'e got another Khajit picture, this time showing off another possible fur color to pick from, as well as a "beard" I guess.

And then we have a Nord at night time - I spot a ruin in the background:

And finally a Nord in a cave:

Keep in mind that you can click this pictures to get their original sizes!
If I know iOblivionIV right, he'll probably smack 'em up on youtube with a thorough analysis of each one of them.

Happy to bring you the stuff.


  1. im pretty sure it was confirmed the breton picture was a nord

  2. You were right. It is corrected