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Monday, 10 October 2011

Sabre Toothed Tigers!

I feel like a total douche, not having written this yet. Seriously. It's old stuff and I'm like: "I'll do it later - you know, in 3 months." Burn! Worse than the time, you know that big bummer, the time with McCain, who overdid Joe Plummer (Rhymes!!)

Anyway: Everybody loves cats! Especially when they are huge, with giant fang-teeth and an incredible urge to kill and eat you like the most pathetic piece of prey ever. They're just so cute!

Did my earlier remarks, as well as the title of this topic delude you? This topic is about the Sabre Toothed Tiger, which will be quite present in Skyrim. I'm guessing it's sort of an alternative to the Mountain Lion, which was more badass than Daedroth in Oblivion, which is sort of silly.

I kinda lack a picture, but enjoy this wonderful picture of a mountain lion from Oblivion:

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