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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The leaked manual

A couple of days ago, Maybe two, the official game manual was leaked onto the internet, for all of us to see. Personally I have already read every word twice and even though it did not reveal anything new, it made me happy - "Like a dragon!" <--- (Which sit-com is this a reference to? Do you know?)

I have downloaded all of the pictures, but I am not going to post them here, and here's why: Bethesda did not want it published. No one has any idea who took the pictures and neatly threw them online like steaks on the grill, but Bethesda is quite pissed at him.

If you want to find the pictures yourself, I suggest googling around for them. They are practically spoilerless, since they merely explain how to play the game.


  1. I have a mixed feeling about this... I know that I want to know everything about this game before it come out (except spoilers to the main stories/quests)
    And there are none of these in the manual...
    But bethesda is pissed, and I love bethesda.
    Love is a strong word though.. so lets say: Like them very much. :)
    I might read this manual tonight thoguh x)

  2. Love is never too strong a word when Bethesda is included.