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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Even more screenshots! They're AWESOME!

The heavy lacking in posting is due to me being busy with school and acting stuff - Whilst I finish my several drafts, you can feast your eyes and have a good drool over these new screens that were recently released. As always you can click the image to view it in its original size, which is quite bigger.

I've added comparison pictures, to enhance the drooling effect.

For those of you who can't tell: This is a Shrine of Azura.
For those of you who don't know: Azura is a Daedric Lord.
For those of you who don't care: Do.
I'll bet my ass that she'll grant us Azura's Star again.
Also I noticed a rather vast difference in size as compared to the previous games. Well, you can see for yourselves.

This is the "Bound Bow" spell at work and it is clearly no the Daedra we temporarily steal our weapons from. This seems more like an Astral / Arcane thing. It was already revealed that there would be weapons like this in one of the previews from PAX, but... It's SO PRETTY!

In several previews, the player/writer ran into a door with a "skull" which asked them to answer several riddles correctly. Unfortunately they failed, but I was left with an unsatisfied thirst for knowledge as to what this door looked like and what was behind it - This picture answers both question.
This is clearly the door mentioned, or one just alike, and it is even more clear that there lies a Dark Brotherhood sanctuary behind it. It's certainly their theme and there is a hand engraved on the skulls forehead. The door there was in Oblivion, the one in dimmed red light in the picture above, also had the same engravings.

Well, this is practically just stating that Bethesda has, beyond making the men look rad, made the women look hot. This is clearly the image of a young Nord maiden looking for some action. Clearly. Clear as day.

A female character in her elven armor, melting our hearts. Literately.

There you have it - I posted about it: It has been feared, revered, rumored, worshipped, fled from and ultimately loved: It is the Mudcrab. I should probably add this picture to the mudcrab post.

A cool mage, firing us up for Skyrim. I have some trouble seeing the background clearly, you know, due to the darkness and the huge flames (not that I'm complaining) in the middle of everything, but I think I see a bridge in the background.

This is clearly the family room. Clearly.


  1. I like the new gigantic azura's shrine, hopefully all the other daedric shrines will have a similiar grandeous look. Was disappointed by the ones in oblivion most of which were relatively easy to find and just consisted of a statue which was smaller than most of those in towns.

  2. Your right!
    Finally they will be worshipped "the proper way."