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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

VEHQ is coming!

As most of my readers are aware of, I have for months been planning on making a website called Virtual Entertainment Central, which would be the mother-hub of all the coverage projects, as well as covering news, rumors, info (etc.) on Games, Movies, TV-Series and the likes.

Apart from the minor setback of there being too many VEC abbreviated projects already, everything is going according to plan. We've renamed it to Virtual Entertainment Head Quarters and it will function as planned. If everything goes according to our pre-made schedule, then we will be done by January 22nd-23rd (TBH stuff is already fucking up a bit, but we'll still make it.) Once the site is up and running I'll start posting immediately and constantly, as to give it some content, so it doesn't start out seeming to lifeless. I'll be a mushroom cloud of activity. My fingers will sore up. I will get AIDS -  but let us not speak of work right now.

So what is the future of the current coverage projects?
GTA V Coverage and Digimon World Re:Digitize Coverage will be integrated into our new site and the previous sites will vanish from their impure and ultimately unnecessary existence. Skyrim Coverage, on the other hand, will stay open for the time being, given that that's where people are going to go - I am hoping to migrate all of the readers to VEHQ though - afterwards it will stand as a testament to the magnificent beginning of VEHQ. Kinda like Picasso did for poor art.

The intensive focus on the VEHQ website unfortunately bears some negative impact on the degree of activity, which will be displayed on the current Coverage pages - meaning that there will be practically none. After that I will start posting on VEHQ instead and I will of course notify you and provide you with a link, once I am done.

Furthermore, here is a little list of things that VEHQ will feature from launch:

- WaffleComic (A WebComic by WalkingWaffles himself - Weekly update.)
- Coverage Pages (Like GTA and Skyrim)
- Regular posts on the various subjects that the site handles
- (hopefully) polls - I love polls more than anything in the world. I wish i could marry polls.
- The Author's recommendation series (We recommend games, both new and old, and explain why and to which audience they will appeal.)

Now as another treat for everyone (including me,) is that I will no longer be the sole author. Everyone on my local team will have the ability to write posts and one of them is there solely to do so.

So I think that's it for now - If you have any questions, feel free to drop 'em below.



  1. hmmm.. I might "drop in" and stay there, just for the sake of doing so! ;)
    I consider myself a big fan of your writing, and it gives me somthing to do while sufring the world wide web for nothing else than .. nothing?
    At least, reading your posts will be good etertainment and also keeps me posted on the new games that are out there!

    I'm Looking forward to see this site get on its feet!

    - Mike

  2. I'm going to need a home for my fanfic project. The idea is still in its infancy so I haven't shopped for a home yet. I've enjoyed your work and would be happy to help your entertainment project if we can reach agreeable terms.

    Obviously you have no reason to believe I know how to write, but I'd be more than happy to discuss what I have in mind and share little snips from my first novel (which is about to enter re-write phase). I also have over 70 articles published at (although that is hardly fiction).

    Roll out of this project would be in early summer. I have several projects to complete first and would like to have 30 days of content prepared before publishing. I also will require a fix to the one companion rule before beginning.

    You can reach me at pitchin432 AT


  3. @ Brad

    You know, I'd like to reach you on Yahoo, but I seriously can't navigate around in there.

    It'd be easier if you send me a mail at

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