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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Mod review: Deadly Dragons!!

I don't know if you recall your first encounter with a dragon - do you?
Mine was horrifying, yet amazing! The dragon (Mirmulnir) had such a... Freedom, that had me stumped! What should I do? Sure, eventually I sent it to hell and happily absorbed its very soul, but until then, I was like... Fuck!

The second time I encountered a dragon, I died.
4 or 5 times.
But lets not get into that.

Eventually you just hit a point where dragon fights become... Lets say: "Not nearly as challenging;" Which is fine for some, I'm sure, but for many (including me) that just ain't cool! Dragons need to be something you run away from and spend a lot of resources on beating!

That is why I am overjoyed with presenting:

Deadly Dragons by 3Jlou

Deadly Dragons is a mod for those that think dragons should be insanely hardcore, which 3Jlou succeeds in making them.

As mentioned, dragon battles had gotten a little "meh" for me, but as soon as I installed this mod, I could no longer say that. I went and did the Mirmulnir battle again (with a level 19 character) and the battle cost me all of my potions, several deaths, forced me to change strategies and took nearly 2 extremely entertaining hours (granted I wasn't prepared at all) in what seems to be the best and most extreme dragon battle I have ever had.

But this mod does more than just buffing up dragons - it fixes another issue tat I have in no way concealed that I have with dragons: The lack of variety!

Luckily Deadly Dragons also provide several new types of dragons (as well as making old types appear earlier on,) including: Magma Dragon, Storm Dragon, Wyrm, Swamp Dragon and the Nether Drake, all with looks and abilities that sets them apart from each other and the vanilla batch.
If there were ever any reason to get psyched about dragons, it is the one that 3Jlou provides us.


  1. Man I guess I need to play some more... Dragons are still some what of a challenge to me...

  2. I've only faced one dragon (the first one) and by faced, I mean I ran around the battle field like an idiot and then started smashing him with my warhammer when he was 2/3 dead.

    I'm finding that there's a very steep curve between easy enemies and challenging enemies. I have a heavy armored orc with a warhammer. Most enemies die in 1-2 swings and can do only tiny damage to me (realistic actually).

    Some enemies like giant spiders and sabercats are surprisingly resistant to the warhammer and seemingly ignore my defense. I've died in a single attack to both. I'm baffled how I can take 4 hits from a dragon, run behind a wall and heal, but a large spider just picks me up and breaks my steal plate in half.

    The first time I met a sabercat, I was level 8, in fully upgraded steel armor. I had time to think, "Awesome, it's a...oh it killed me."

    Now that I think about it, mountain lions in Oblivion always ruined my shit...I guess they're cat people at Bethesda.


  3. I too got the "MEH" feeling from the fourth dragon i faced and strait away searched skyrim nexus for a dragon mod

    Deadly dragons was the first and will be the last dragon mod i will ever need.

    Ive discovered it's possible to piss your pant and have a boner at the same time :)

    1. Wait ur into dragons? :O

  4. I just sat the game to "master" It worked just fine for me.
    But as I have not yet fnished the main quest, I still enjoy the game very much, and I still find the dragon figths entertaining (after I sat the game to master, instead of adept).

    - Mike :)

  5. @ Anonymous
    If you play on a harder difficulty, you get better faster. Remember Quake III?

    @ Brad
    I suppose that that is the issue with not having the cursed levelling system from Oblivion. Sometimes bears or our undead friends: The Draugr will just seem more dangerous.

    @ Anonymous
    I see that you got my message.

    @ Mike
    I did that too in the beginning, but only with a wish of making the dragons more fearsome - I didn't want the rest of the monsters to be able to rape... kill me.

    Always good to hear from you, Mike, you little comment boomer.

  6. They look truly amazing now. I just got this mod and it is amazing!

  7. Having played a little more since my previous comment, I can see the need for harder dragons.

    In my case - a heavy armored, war hammer toting orc who doesn't break character - killing dragons is tough business. Mr. Orc (named Rajiin the Hammer) is futile with the bow since it takes many years just to learn how to shoot straight under pressure and it would be impossible to shoot in heavy kit anyway (hey, it is a role playing game after all).

    The dragons tend to ruin my shit from the sky. If they make the mistake of landing, my hammer only needs about 5 strokes (dirty?) to kill the basic dragons. But usually they just hover and piss me off. I've yet to kill a dragon unassisted, but I can see it being easy with archery or magic.

    This is my first play through and I'm sticking pretty faithfully to the central storyline. I never got around to "beating" Oblivion (though I once had a character strong enough to swim through lava pits in oblivion)so I figured I'd put blinders on and beat Skyrim at my first go. Then I'll look into mods and I can tell deadly dragons will be a must.

    Unrelated, Nordrick the NPC has inspired me to consider writing fanfic with my next character (I'm a writer when not earning money or playing Skyrim). Any suggestions for character type/storyline.


  8. @BragonDorn
    I know, right?! :D

    I made the same kind of character: Orc with heavy armor and a big hammer. You're right - I also find that I have to take cover until the dragons land. After that they're doomed, however.

    The character in your story should be made after or during the plots creationprocess. When making your (fantasy) plot, make sure that you make sure that there's a big threat and some mischievous antagonists (I am best at making those.) The protagonist should display whatever you want him to - if you choose to base him on Nordrick the NPC, make sure that you capture what kind of person he is and ask yourself what he would do in certain situations.

    There's a very basic layout for typical fantasies - It is merely to apply it and then give it your own touch and style.

  9. That's easy enough. I'll probably use console commands to create a very specific character and skip the intro BS.

    I'm considering building a private investigator. Perhaps a Bosmer in Skyrim investigating a big case who establishes a local practice in the meantime. The idea is in its infancy still.

    I there ability to take ownership of NPCs? It would be nice to have a trio of investigators who focus on different tasks (and if one or more gets killed we can still finish the story).

    If that's not possible, there's an easy enough fix...just use console commands to change the character to a new one.


  10. As i read these, i read the posts about the orc and i can't help but remember when i was at an orc stronghold and a freakin ancient dragon attacks and it does a finished kill on two orcs while i watched. :) I'm an archer all the way and I've never really gotten into melee weapons. But i gotta say I'm level 50 and ancients still pose a bit of a challenge. Elders not so much but ancients yes sir.