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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Mods, VEHQ and Boobs

First of all - I lied, there will be no boobs.

There will however be mods and VEHQ news!
Lets start with VEHQ: Due to... lets call it "technical issues," the launch has been delayed, but we're right around the corner. When it is up, I'll put a link on the top of the sidebar. Of course the work I do there has an impact on how long the mod reviews will be ATM.

Now to mods!

Visible Windowsby isoku

Don't let the name of the mod trick you, we won't be able to see the outside from the inside of our cozy houses - no sir! What this mod does, is that enhances the quality of the low-quality vanilla window textures. This is purely for people who are bothered by low detail.

Wars in Skyrim - by Alexandrox

Wars in Skyrim is pretty damn awesome!
It has several modes based on how hardcore you want it to be, but ultimately it adds more life to Skyrim, by adding several new spawn points (with new spawn-able creatures) and reducing cooldown time on those already existing. There are also several new random encounters included, which usually involve creatures or bandits battling each other or trying to attack town. Or perhaps a patrol, hunting down the menaces of the roads. There are also a are boss-like encounter, which will be hard to beat, but also yield greater rewards.

This mod has gone and become a necessity to me, 'cause it fixes the only 'real' issue I had with Skyrim: the lack of encounters when travelling. The only problem I can find with this mod is that once it's been activated... Vanilla Skyrim will bore you to death.


  1. Thanks for the post. i'm looking forward to future Skyrim mods.

  2. The War in Skyrim mod sounds awesome! I will have to hunt it down when I get a copy of the game for my laptop.

    --Seth Bloodmoon

  3. @John
    Just you wait 'till the creation kit is out, John. Winking smiley.

    @ Seth
    It truly is! Once you go WIS, Vanilla you won't miss!

  4. Just using the Deadlier Dragons mods on "normal" blows away the vanilla version.

    I got locked in a long battle with a fort full of bandits when a dragonling swooped in and killed their shit. I then hid under a rock and slowly chipped away at it's health for 10 minutes.

    The mod also makes some of the AI smarter. I like to role play my characters, my latest is a strict mage. I had a 10 minute exchange with a necromancer yesterday where we hurled projectiles at each other while blocking with lesser wards.

    It was a hell of a stalemate.