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Monday, 30 January 2012

Coins, coins, coins!

Of all there things there can be re-textured in Skyrim, modders seem to favor two things, the first being glass armor (for some unknown reason,) the second being coins - There are A LOT of coin re-textures. I've been scouting through them and decided to post my top 5 coins re-textures!

#5 - DOLLAR coins - by Zxeddery

 The modder were clearly inspired by the outstanding artwork of American currency. The re-texture is high res. and very well done - it gets spot number 5 on my list!

#4 - British Pounds - by FoolsPower

Like the my #5, FoolsPower have had the interesting, yet not so slightly creative idea of copying real-world valuta. Never the less, he has done an outstanding job - and who doesn't love Queen Elizabeth? She's hot!

#3 - Teutonic Coin - by LieutenantHawk

I've gotta be honest with you; when we're talking Teutonic, we're talking a massive gap in my knowledge - I have no idea what Teutonic is - a country? I'll look it up on Wikipedia after this post, I think. But what Teutonic is all about, is not really what counts! All I know is that I love the design and it gets a spot as #3 on my list!

#2 - Aztec Gold - by du

I've never really been to the old Aztec Empire, primarily because it doesn't exist anymore and it's also really far away! The point is, I've never seen an actual Aztec coin, so I'm not sure what they'd look like, but I believe that both I and du (the modder) gets our idea of Aztec gold from the hit movie Pirates of the Carribean and du has done a great job of re-creating it!

#1 - Dragonborn Coin - by Crypton

My all time favorite re-texture, is the Dragonborn coin! Why? Because anything that has to do with Dovahkiin is awesome! The coins are absolutely stunning, with great reflection - everytime I look at the coin, I'm like... "Wow!" Crypton had done an amazing job here and we love him for it. Not in that way, though. He'll have to buy us a couple of dinners first.

1 comment:

  1. The Teutons were a Germanic tribe.

    The Teutonic Knights were a medieval European Order. They're considered to be closely related to the modern Free Masons.

    The Teutonic Knights were quite wealthy in their heyday before being labelled heretics. Among their notable accomplishments, they "discovered" Gothic architecture and supposedly found the Ark of the Covenant. Their sigil was the Teutonic Cross, which you can see pictured on the coin.

    I'm sure Wikipedia has plenty of other fascinating information.