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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Why magic will be more entertaining!

Previously, being a magician has been dull - seriously!! In Oblivion, I tried to get some great RP experiences, so I decided to make a High Elf mage, just for the story telling. Needless to say, it quickly got boring to a point where I read my first non-mandatory book (The Templar Legacy.)

Why has it been so dull and joyless? I'm guessing it's partly because of the animations. They were all the same, you see. Apart from Fire, Lighting and Frost, which were slightly different, all other spell made the character raise his hand above his head and emit a shining light.

Magic is supposed to make you feel powerful, altering the fabrics of reality as well as destroying huge beasts with minimal effort. Like in most other RPG's, magic-users should be the guys dealing maximum damage, firing off great big fireballs with their fingers and creating storms by mere chanting, but still they would have to stay in the back of the group, 'cause a gnome with a feather-duster could take them down if it came in close. I am not saying that we should be THAT physically weak in The Elder Scrolls, I am merely saying that we should be able to feel like real powerful, badass spellweavers.

Alas, I finally think we can. Looking at the footage from various Skyrim demonstrations (1,) I have to say that the spells really are looking up. Not only does each spell feature unique animation art, but they also look powerful. Just seeing that fireball getting thrown out there, gets me more excited than the first time I watched Pokemon! You know, I caught the very first episode that aired in Denmark, by coincidence (fame.)

We can also actually DO things with our magic this time. We can lay traps, shoot of bolts and balls, create a wave of flames around us and furthermore, other spells than the destructive ones are useful too. Hats off, I never really figured out what the hell Frenzy was for in Oblivion, but in Skyrim, we have been given a splendid demonstration.

Todd Howard, or lets call him by his real name; God has given us an example at E3. 2 Marauders were standing guard at Bleak Falls Barrow and he used frenzy on one of them, from a distance mind you. Suddenly, the victim went Chuck Norris on his co-guards ass. Now if that doesn't make you feel powerful, I don't know what does!

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