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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Lore: The Calendar

When I was playing Oblivion, I was often baffled by the calendar and all of the names I saw for weekdays and Months, so I decided to take up the project of re-creating that calendar with paper and glue - Needless to say, I didn't get farther than getting the paper before giving into the temptation of drawing characters from Dragonball Z and forgetting all about it.

Later on I wrote down the Months and days so that I could at least learn what the heck they meant - I was wonderfully close to our own calendar, called the Gregorian Calendar and also know as the Western Calendar.

I here present the equivalents of the two calendars:

Morning Star - January
Sun's Dawn - February
First Seed - March
Rain's Hand - April
Second Seed - May
Midyear - June
Suns Height - July
Last Seed - August
Heartfire - September
Frost Fall - October
Suns Dusk - November
Evening Star - December

As you can see, there is no fricken difference except for the names - The number of days are the same, even on leap years. Speaking of days, let us see what they are called:

Morndas - Monday
Tirdas - Tuesday
Middas - Wednesday
Turdas - Thursday
Fredas - Friday
Loredas - Saturday
Sundas - Sunday

Some of these names sound awfully close to the Danish names for each day, making me think that this calendar may actually have originated in Skyrim, given the "Viking" theme they have going on. If so, then all the better.

If you'd care to check your own calendar, you will notice that we are only a 104 days away from the release of Skyrim, or should I say, the meaning of our lives.

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