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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Skyrim DLC: Dawnguard

This is an excerpt of a post on my new and better gaming coverage website: (which includes but isn't limited to Skyrim. We cover whatever you ask on our facebook group, on twitter or via mail.)

Here it is, my fellow Dovahkiin!! The time has come! Bethesda has posted a picture on their blog just now and it confirms our suspicions – The first pack of DLC for Skyrim is called Dawnguard. So far we know nothing about it, other than it’ll probably include crossbows and the Snow Elf Prince, as well as the fact that it’ll be out for Xbox 30 days before PS3 and PC, because of the deal struck with Microsoft.
Dawnguard DLC - teaser image
As soon as information is released (at E3, Bethesda says,) I’ll include it here instead of writing a new post. For you convenience, I’ll update the date, which will shoot it to the front page again, faster than you can “fus ro dah” or get trolled for keep using the “arrow to the knee” comment (which spread unbelievably fast.)

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