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Friday, 16 March 2012

Skyrim: DLC info leaked

As for the credibility of this topic, I can confirm nothing.
I must say, however, that I have a feeling this isn’t lies, but hey – I’m just the middle man between the news andyou!
If you read the topic, and lets assume you did, then you already know that this post is about Skyrim DLC, which we all knew was coming.
Under normal circumstances I would deliver the info with a comedic twist and a tomboyish attitude, but alas my friends, since I am conveying the exact words of others, I’ve decided to simply upload a snippet and let you have a glimpse at the thing for yourselves!
Underneath the picture I will make a list of the key points of the entire snippet, in case you don’t care for reading it all the way through.
  • Three massive expansions
  • The Riders of Hammerfell (Hammerfell expansion)
  • New land: Adjacent Hammerfell landmass
  • Quest line: About a guild called Dragon Riders
  • New mounts: Dragon (with shout attacks,) Sabre cat, Bear, Wolf, Mammoth and more
  • New side quests
  • New spells, armor, weapons and companions

  • Morrowind expansion

    • New land: Somewhere in Morrowind (*supposedly the land adjacent to Skyrim)
    • Horse armor
    • More houses, like Frostcraig Spire
    • Quest line: revolving around werewolves
    • The ability to shapeshift into other monsters and animals

  • Cyrodiil expansion

    • New land: Somewhere in Cyrodiil
    • Quest line: Waging war on the Thalmor
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    1. Doubtful, but the ideas are pretty good. If they're not planning on adventures in Morrowind and Hammerfell, a dragon mount mechanic, and a questline that takes the war to the Thalmor, they should be.

    2. These are all epic but yeah pretty doubtful. Dragon mount...Mammoth...Saber Cat...these are all extremely freaking unlikely that they won't kill you first, much less make any sense with the lore, or would even allow you to ride within villages without hitting 50 walls.

      When he began talking about the Dragon Riders, it seemed pretty fartfetched to me.

      However, there IS a city in Hammerfell called Dragonhold or something like that. Who knows what it could mean. Hammerfell seems very likely, and something on the mainland of Morrowind would be neat, especially since there are impassible gates on both sides of Skyrim that lead to it.

      Don't know if I could handle a Cyodiil but hey why not, and it would certainly explain the Imp City there.

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    4. I don't believe they will do any of the dlcs above as they more likely to expand on existing story in skyrim maybe driving out thalmor and things like that would love to see more creatures return from elder scrolls like ogrim titans clanfear and others but again unlikely