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Monday, 28 November 2011

Mind mod (pun intended)

They were going to release the creation kit at game release. Game release! It has yet to find its sweet way to my more-than-ready PC, providing me with great joy, as I create my phallic tower that makes it "snow" near Falkreath. Yes, that is indeed just one of my plans, as I've got an entire list of things to do. I actually have in mind to create a rather long story-arc, taking one on time travel, in order to prevent disasters that will disturb the flow of time. It will involve a mysterious cult and dragons. I am currently writing the story.

But it is hard to get to work, without ma' kit.
Do ya'll have any plans?


  1. I've spawned quite an amount of ideas during my journey through Skyrim. All I need is a modder who knows how to make them reality. Some ideas are for the immersion and some are just plain silly. (Small spoiler alert, if you live under a rock.)
    Here goes one: You are a werewolf, a beast by dog nature. Then should you not be more friendly with your furry animal friends? I guess we can all agree that wolves are wicked annoying. It does not take long until they become a nuisance and when walking or riding, bugs the crap out of you. Well sure fine...if you are a HUMAN! But I'm a werewolf, I am their kin. I think thats a mod I would like. Make wolves friendly if werewolf. Maybe a summon wolf pack spell even?

    A silly one: Fuss-Roh-Dah is funny as hell. Period. Mace Of Molag-Bal is also awesome. Wanna know what I think of when combining those two? Yup, Sauron. Remember the beginning of Lord Of The Rings when a bunch of ppl engaged the ring master? Sure you do. So, make the mace a bit bigger, make it two-handed and make it apply a Fuss-Roh-Dah on power swing hit. Voila.

    Got plenty more in my sleeve. Either I learn how to make them myself or I just wait until some friendly modder contacts me and wants to start a partnership. x)

    Maybe you McBraas? :P


  2. Like with so much this year (Skyrim Coverage, editing, language, etc.) - modding will be new to me. The closest I've come to working with it before has been when I once made a story arc for Neverwinter Nights II. Good times.

    Yet, those two things sound rather simple. They might make decent subjects for my testing.

    Oh, BTW - If you are in your werewolf form, the wolfsies are friendly.

  3. Yeah I know about them being friendly when you actually are in wolf form. But when I said "fine if human" I meant human without beast blood. If the guards can comment on fur growing out of my ears then instinctfull animals such as wolfs should feel your "beast blood" even in human form. But I guess it's a personal matter on how you approach the whole wherewolf thing. I feel that the werewolf is the real me and the human form is just a cover-up. :P

    Do you think it's easy to learn the mod kit btw? I mean do you have to be like a 1337 programmer to utilize it? You've obviously used it more than me so I thought I'd ask =)


  4. Bethesda claims that it will be rather simple. I don't see that it matters - I have a, lets call it, unique mind. I learn most stuff really fast.

  5. I cannot wait to possess this game, it sounds more amazing everyday, and this mod sounds epic, I wish I had the money to get it today.

  6. I'd like to see a mod who can give you the opertunity to wear -2- rings at the same time... Like a boss!

    - Mike

  7. I kinda just posted some mod ideas in a comment a few posts back, but here they are, consolidated:

    More variations on bounty hunters. Different fighters, armor, weapons, names.

    No guards and random people talking to you about the dark brotherhood when you walk by.

    Descendant of mudcrab merchant!!! (I tried to do this in Oblivion, but the way the had creatures/humanoids set up in the construction kit made it very hard)

    Secret entrances to cities would be cool. The big ones have some interesting architecture that would allow some sweet entrances, like the "storm drains" that run out of the city grates.

    This one is involved: 200+ years after the settlement of Raven Rock (right name?) on Solstheim (right name?), the land mass has shifted and a large glacier that contains the much expanded Raven Rock is closer to the shore of Skyrim. Opportunity for making a cool city on an island, with some back story too. Maybe a ghost city, so you don't have to voice act it.


    More characterized DB initiates. They are pretty boring, and too few. At least name them.

    For some reason I thought this was going to be a feature of the game, but it would be cool if not EVERY group of bandits attacked you on sight. Like maybe some of them would talk to you and be mean, but not just shoot everything they see. Maybe allow you to join them with a small quest, and use some camp storage chests. Then kill them while they sleep.

    uh, yeah. Modding with my mind.

  8. I don't know with you people, but I have actually seen "non-hostile" bandits... well.. they are hostile, but they kind of "warn you" to walk away before they attack.
    And You can actually walk away. I find this as a huge improvement from Oblivion.

    But Braas? Now as the little "problems" slowly bubbles to the surface, I have something to ask of you.
    Could you make a post that is more optimistic after the release, because almost all I have read on the web now these days are people complaining (And yes, they have all the right to do so) ... well actually, many of them don't.
    But still, what is it that you actully like, What is "good-great-fantastic!" about skyrim.
    What came to be, and what didn't?

    And think of how hard it is to make this game so good! :o
    They've done a great job, and I know 99.99 % agrees.
    But still, can we try to disscuss what is so great baout the game "and not just things like: it's awsome! beacause ... it is! :D" x)
    even though that is true :P

    Hope you guys understood that x) And by all means, I did not try to flame anyone! ;)

    Sorry if my last responses have been, long and very messy. I just got alot on my plate these days.
    Working 2 diffrent jobs + school.
    I think that can make someone tierd... at least a little bit x)
    oh well.. see you around!

    - Mike

  9. Well, Mike. If a peace, harmony and forbidden love of Skyrim post is what you desre, then that is what you shall receive - Although it will have to wait, due to my favorite thing about Skyrim: It figuratively take AGES to discover everything!

  10. Yep, yep it does! ;)
    Let's start by saying: Bandits do give you a chance to leave sometimes.
    Sometimes when you throw things on the floor, people will react to this by eigther picking it up and giving it to you and saying some nice words.
    While others flame you and get angry with you if you throw our trash on theirs floor.

    The world is very much more alive than Oblivion! ;)
    We got bugs and all sorts of creatures.
    Hunting has become much harder, but then again much more fun. I tend to hunt int the forest myself.
    People's conversations is much more interesting to listen to. They talk about much more interesting things, and you won't hear the "same rumors and gossip" in each and every town. except the guards.. they kind of like to keep to the old style. but they are getting there! ;)

    and lots of lots of other small details!

    I am not totaly blind for the little bugs and negativities in the game. And ofc a much larger world with even better rp npcs and better graphics would be better... It kind of dossn't matter.

    I mean, I met Sheogorath yesterday! srsly!! xD
    I love this game, I love cooking - alchemy - smithing - hunting - questing - the history/histories - mininf for minerals/looking for them too! and much more!

    But Braas? have you found your spoon yet?

    - Mike

  11. I used to come here a lot more, but then i took an arrow in the knee.... and you stoped posting stuff but its been good reading all this pre-release, thanks McBrass


  12. Thank you, Trevor.

    I have moved on to greater projects, but I will attend to this site every once in a while.